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If you know your group will be traveling various times through out the year you may want the versatility of an annual program with daily rates. Some plans offer On-line Access which will allow (your administrator of the plan) the versatility of adding or deleting any person(s) to the group plan 24 hours a day and to print Immediate ID cards, check the status of claims and much more. At the end of each month your group will receive ONE BILL that will specify each person(s) traveled within that time period.

    • Global employee benefits program for groups of 3 or more internationally assigned employees
    • Plans for the executives who require a 12 month comprehensive medical policy with coverage for multiple trips of 30 days duration or less.
    • Group Travel programs require a minimum of 5 primary insured’s

If you are in need of benefits and/or provisions that are not specifically addressed, (eg. Hazardous Sports Coverage, Extended Furlough Coverage, Terrorism Coverage, Kidnap & Ransom Coverage, Additional AD&D or Liability Coverage) we can create programs that may be modified to suit your group's needs.

Please see plan benefit summaries for each plan to find the best plan that suits your short or long term needs.

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