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Specializing in Worldwide Travel Medical, Missionary Insurance, Trip Cancellation, Vacation, Immigrants/Foreigners visiting the US, Corporate & Group Travel Insurance

Every year, millions of global citizens travel outside their Home Countries often leaving their medical insurance behind within their home borders. We find that many domestic US insurance carriers only cover your medical needs overseas when there is a ”Life Threatening or Urgent situation”. Verify your overseas coverage with your health provider before you leave and have them give you written confirmation of your international coverage because they may not cover you.

Short Term Medical coverage, 5 days and renewable up to 3 years. Maximum medical coverage options up to $2,000,000. Ideal for Students or obtaining Visa medical coverage requirements or anyone traveling or residing outside their “Home Country” short or long term travels anywhere in the world with an Immediate ID card.

Group, Corporate or Missionary Insurance packages available with custom designed coverage and premium discounts including self-funding options. Extended Furlough coverage while in the United States and daily rates are available for specific plans.

Economical Health & Immigration Insurance that covers Non-US citizens while in the United States. Ideal for Students, Vacations or person(s) Immigrating to United States.

Trip Cancellation and Vacation Insurance protects your tickets, your luggage, and your health. Benefits include: Trip Cancellation; Interruption/Delay; Medical Transportation; Lost or Stolen Baggage; Missed Connection; Assistance Services and Emergency Medical Evacuation expenses and much more.

Long Term or Permanent Comprehensive Major Medical coverage provides you with security at home and the freedom to seek care anywhere in the world. You must remain outside the US longer than 6 months or permanently in any 12 month certificate period. Ideal for US Expatriates, Third Country Nationals and Local Nationals living outside the United States. Maximum medical coverage options up to $5,000,000.

Most plans include an Immediate ID card and coverage 24/7 with AD&D, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Return of Remains and 24 hour Assistance Services. Compare plans, benefits or purchase on line as there are many deductibles and medical maximum coverage’s to choose from.

Whether you are traveling internationally for the first time or have many times, for business or pleasure, relocating or are on a long-term assignment, we are here to insure your international travel experience.

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