Overseas Travel Insurance Services -Short Term or multiple mission trip insurance for International Missionary travelers

Overseas Travel Insurance Services - the best international travel medical insurance coverage

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Overseas Travel Insurance Services LLC

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Short Term Missionary Insurance

Custom designed coverage for Individuals, US or non-US missionaries traveling abroad, Missionary groups or multiple mission tours. Immediate ID card you can print upon completion of your on line application! We can create plans flexible to fit your coverage needs and premium concerns. Group discounts, daily rates and extended furlough coverage while in the United States are available for specific plans.

Please see plan benefit summaries for each plan to find the best plan that suits your short or long term needs.


Desired Length of Coverage     and  
Your Age
Spouse's Age
Children Under 18 years old
Coverage Amount
Deductible Amount
Hazardous Sports Rider Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Period of Coverage
(see brochure for detailed wordings)
US citizen or Non US citizens traveling outside their home country; 5 days renewable to 3 years For non-US citizens;
7 days renewable to 1 year
For US citizens;
7 days renewable to 1 year
For non-US citizens;
5 days to 12 months;
For US citizens;
5 days to 12 months;
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**Rates are subject to change.
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